Independent advice

What does independent advice mean for you as a client?

The most important aspect of an independent business model is to identify and eliminate as many conflicts of interest as possible. We believe that this must be the foundation in order to provide sound long-term advice based solely on the clients' interests and needs. Our independent advisory model eliminates the most significant conflicts of interest, thus providing reassurance to our clients. Read about how we manage conflicts of interest here.

Examples of conflicts of interest:

Own Products

Most Norwegian banks, insurance companies, asset managers, and non-independent advisors often distribute their own products and do not always consider whether there are products or solutions better suited for their clients.

The advisory services provided by Söderberg & Partners Wealth Management AS are based on a comprehensive analysis of financial instruments within each asset class we utilize in our recommended solutions.

Different prices for different products and risk profiles

Many players have prices that vary based on the products and risk profiles chosen. This naturally raises questions about how to ensure that clients' interests come first when earnings vary.

Söderberg & Partners Wealth Management AS' advisory fee is solely based on the invested amount and is not linked to the products or risk profile that a client has in their portfolio.

Transaction Costs 

Brokerage firms have traditionally relied on commissions when clients buy and sell securities, and have therefore had a vested interest in clients trading with high frequency. This is despite the fact that it often cannot be justified in terms of putting clients' interests first.

We do not charge any transaction costs. This ensures that ongoing recommended changes are based on what is suitable and in clients' interests.

Trailer Fees

Asset managers, insurance companies, and other product environments often provide trailer fees to non-independent advisors to promote the sale of their products. This can make it difficult to assess whether the advice given to clients is driven by which product providers offer the best terms or by clients' interests.

All discounts and trailer fees received by us as independent advisors are passed on directly and in full to our clients. This prevents any conflict of interest towards clients.


Several investment products offered in the Norwegian market have significant establishment costs that go to the product distributor, while no ongoing fee is paid for the product. This may sound appealing, but the problem lies in the fact that in these cases, the provider has no incentives to follow up on the products after they are sold to clients, and important post-investment advisory services may be deprioritized due to the provider's financial self-interest.

All our clients are assigned a personal wealth advisor who listens to the client and their needs. At least once a year, we conduct an evaluation of our collaboration with the client, where we assess whether to continue managing the assets according to the Wealth Plan that has been established.