Member Insurance

Söderberg & Partners is Norway's leading insurance broker and consultant in the development, brokerage and operation of member insurances.

Insurance as a member benefit

Good insurance are the most important financial benefit an organization can offer its members, whether they are individuals or companies. We are Norway's leader in the development, brokerage and operation of member insurance.
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Insurance makes housing transactions safer

Did you know that the home seller can be held liable for hidden defects and deficiencies for a full 5 years after the home has been sold? And that the buyer can claim compensation throughout this period? With good insurance, you can relax your shoulders when buying or selling a home.
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Tenant Deposit Guarantee

Tenant Deposit Guarantee is a simpler alternative to the traditional deposit account. We have provided the guarantee in the Norwegian market since 2010 and secure over 20,000 tenancies.
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Boat insurance

Söderberg & Partners cares about you and your boat, and works to ensure that you always have the best conditions at a competitive price. We have extensive experience and know the boat insurance market better than most. Talk to us about boat insurance - it can pay off!