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Söderberg & Partners

Söderberg & Partners was founded in Sweden 2004 and is today a leading non-bank provider of wealth management and corporate insurance services in the Nordic region and the Netherlands.

The very core of our offer is to help individuals and companies make well-informed decisions on matters that have an impact on their finances and their lives.

We channel and concretise this offering through several different services within the Söderberg & Partners brand. The service offering includes occupational pension advice, insurance consultancy and insurance mediation, as well as wealth management and asset management services. We also develop and offer digital tools for services such as financial advice, payroll- and benefit management and employee development.

What we believe in

We are the financial advisor who firmly believes in the merits of thinking differently and constantly questioning, changing and developing the traditional way of working in our industry. Our vision is to be proactive today to allow our clients to enjoy a richer and more secure life tomorrow. In order to succeed with this mission, it is crucial that our relationship with our clients is based on a core set of values. Our corporate philosophy is based on three cornerstones: openness, well-founded analyses and personal advice.

Our relationship with our clients, and ultimately our entire business, is built on trust. We are dependent on our clients having trust in us, that they feel they are getting the help they need and feel satisfied with the advice that we give them. To establish and maintain this trust with our clients, it is incumbent on us to understand and share our vision and values with all of our employees.

Brief facts

Founded: 2004 in Sweden

Locations: 110+* offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands. The group also have an asset management team based in Luxemburg and an IT-development team based in Spain

Employees: 2400+

Annual turnover: 400 M EUR (2019)

Total Assets under Management/Advice: 50+ bn EUR (2019)


*The figure only accounts for Söderberg & Partners’ offices and does not include offices of partners and subsidiaries. 





Annual turnover

400 M EUR
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